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The development of our latest systems consisted of continuous interactions with our clients throughout the development cycle. We built upon all the strengths of our previous system and incorporated a host of new modern features.


The result is the most innovative and powerful system we have ever developed, offered in two distinct packages:

tuto Payroll Professional: The ultimate payroll system. Full payroll functionality will let you take control and fully manage the entire payrollprocess.

tuto Payroll & HRM Enterprise: The complete payroll & HR solution. Combines all the payroll functionality of tuto Payroll Professional with comprehensive HR functionality.




Both solutions share the same database. Meaning should you later wish to upgrade from Proffessional to Enterprise, it will be a smooth and seamless transition.




Define, track and manage an unlimited number of earnings and deductions.


Remain tax compliant as system automatically calculates PAYE and other statutory deductions. (TEVET levy e.t.c)

Increase salaries (or other earnings) incrementally by a fixed amount of percentage


Flexible Payroll Processing Frequency: Weekly,Fortnightly, Monthly

P9, P12, P16 and other statutory reports can be
generated in one click


Save costs and time by emailing payslips directly to employees

The comprehensive and flexible loan module will let you manage and administer employee loans.


General Ledger Integration: Create payroll journals which can be seamlessly imported into your accounting software.

Multi-banking: Employees with more than one personal bank account can specify how their net pays should be dispersed (by percentage) to each of their accounts


Fast Input & Batch Processing will make updating employee payslip transactions a quick and smooth process.


Employee Data Management     Leave Management

Efficiently store employee personal information. Everything from DOB, Gender, Previous employer, Next of Kin, Qualifications e.t.c

Documents such as an employee's CV & Certificates can be uploaded as well as employee's picture.


Manage your employee's leave/absence. Define unlimited number of leave types, public holidays as well as forecast employee leave cycles

Forecast the cost to the business (such as leave commutation) per individual, group or entire business.

Job Management     Training & Skills Management

Comprehensively define Job Position based on qualifications, experience and training required

Comprehensively define attributes od each Job Position (Working Conditions, Performance Criteria, Supervisors/Delegates etc.)


Manage Training/Courses to help record & analyse employees' skills development

Allows for Training/Course Cost Breakdown: Group or Individual

Perfomance Management     Disciplinary Management

Assess & record how your employees perform. Supports various performance evaluation methods including Balance Score Card

Allows for Custom Performance appraisals to be incorporated


Record & manage information consisting of cases associated with Offenses, Grievances, Complaints, Misconducts etc.

Accurately record data involving a case such as (Incident, Offense category, Witnesses, Hearing Date & Venue etc.)



Coming Soon

1. Time and attendance module compatible with biometric devices

2. Employee self service module



Employee PAVE and Tevet levy will be calculated automatically, ensuring you remain compliantwith the latest legislative regulations


An integrated solution allows you to store and manage your data from one centralized location, thus eliminating data redundancy and improving the efficiency of your data storage.

Advanced security and user access control features mean that only authorized personnel will have access to the system.


Multi-user functionality means users from different departments can simultaneously access the system and only access menus they have rights to

Features +100 Standard reports and fully customizable user defined reports means any information stored in the system is only several clicks away. Thus providing a broad picture of your organization and will equip decision makers with essential information for strategic planning


Analysis & Summary reports will allow you to perform in depth analysis of staff costs for the business as a whole, or across branches or departments giving you a broad picture of your business.

All reports generated within the system can be directly exported to any format you desire (PDF, Word, CSV, etc.)


Electronic banking compatibility will allow you to timely and efficiently pay your employees.

A modern and user friendly interface makes the system easy to learn and use


Advanced system backup features means risk of losing your data is greatly minimized; you can schedule the system to take automatic backups upon opening or closing (or both) the system.


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